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Encouraging Sustainable Food Alternatives
With the human population expecting to hit 10 billion by the year 2050, feeding and nourishment pose a gargantuan problem to the food industry. Where problems lay, entrepreneurs see opportunity. With the need to increase food supply by 70% by in 2050, the demand for more food innovations and sustainability is huge.

A joined initiative by the Croeni Foundation and UNFRAMED, Makanpreneur is the first accelerator program focusing on food sustainability. Run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, it offers to the most innovative and promising food startups comprehensive support to make Singapore the world’s first food self-reliant city!

How can the existing food system be improved for healthier, more affordable and sustainable food, whether it is home-grown algae, insect farms, food waste hawker stalls, urban food gardens, or some other innovative concepts?

We invite all aspiring food entrepreneurs to apply for Makanpreneur, the first accelerator program, with total value of up to SGD60,000 to develop sustainable food alternatives.

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